Suzie Card-Maker

Suzie Card-Maker


I LOVE to create greeting cards. This is a place
for me to share some of my favorite cards with family,
fellow card-makers,and friends.
Update: Since I began this card-making blog in 2009, we have moved to a warm, sunny place, retired, and gotten very busy. Even though my love of making cards has not lessened, my time "for" card-making has diminished. I had actually considered taking down my blog because of my lack of time to make and post cards. Instead I will try to post more regularly with a variety of things. Please bear with me while I attempt to expand my topics.


We had a very Merry Christmas and are now preparing for our first four month winter stay in Florida. Mike (my DH) and Molly (whom you see in the photo) don't think that it should be too hard to pack up all we want/need to take with us in the car. We have been taking things do there since we closed on the house the end of June. This trip we won't be bringing much for the "house" since it is going through the remodeling process. For January and February, we will be staying in a rented house a mile or so away. We will probably get lots of use out of our bicycles riding over to check the mail every day as well as checking the progress on the house.
Being the CFO of the family, I need to organize/bring all that goes along with that position as well as bringing personal items AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, card-making supplies. That might be the most perplexing task ... what do I NEED to bring? what do I WANT to bring? how much CAN I bring? will we have ENOUGH room in the car? should I MAIL some things? (thank goodness for the USPS's newer FLAT RATE boxes!) And I will be bringing along my Christmas gift ... the Scor-Pal! I am so excited to start trying it out!

I am really looking forward to some dedicated card-making time this winter. There is an idea swimming around in my head ... I plan to visit some of the smaller gift shops on the island to see if they sell any handcrafted items. Perhaps I can find an outlet for some of my cards. There is a shop called Island Paws that I'd like to see, especially.

Well, back to laundry, etc. The temperature has finally reached 12 degrees F here this afternoon. We have so much snow for the end of December as so many of you must, too! We definitely had a beautifully white Christmas.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year a wee bit early ... we might be running around like crazy on the 1st packing the car for our departure on the 2nd.

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