Suzie Card-Maker

Suzie Card-Maker


I LOVE to create greeting cards. This is a place
for me to share some of my favorite cards with family,
fellow card-makers,and friends.
Update: Since I began this card-making blog in 2009, we have moved to a warm, sunny place, retired, and gotten very busy. Even though my love of making cards has not lessened, my time "for" card-making has diminished. I had actually considered taking down my blog because of my lack of time to make and post cards. Instead I will try to post more regularly with a variety of things. Please bear with me while I attempt to expand my topics.


More Pictures from Sunny Florida

This weekend we did more swimming, some errands, fishing, and went to the causeway beach which is between Sanibel and Ft Myers. We bought aqua socks for Reilly and a beach umbrella for me. The previous owners left us three beach chairs -- thank you! From the slideshow you will be able to see where we were and some of what we did. Reilly got to hold a starfish which some fishermen gave him and then he put it back in the ocean. He also held a live seashell and returned that to the ocean, too, after a photo op by Gramee. I mostly sat in one of the beach chairs as we couldn't seem get our umbrella deep enough into the sand for it to stay by itself. No! I didn't hold it the whole time, but we used one of the chairs to brace it! Reilly became my assistant photographer this weekend. You will see lots of his work in the slideshow as well. (Thought I should replace this slideshow with a single photo. Perhaps there will be another slideshow soon!)


Our Trip to Sanibel

It has been almost a week since we embarked on our 3.5 day drive from home to Sanibel. Pulling the trailer went very well and that was a big relief. Both Reilly and Molly the dog were great travelers! We were so happy when we finally pulled into Ft. Myers. We were almost at our destination! A quick trip through the Pulbix grocery store for some provisions and we were headed to the causeway. Reilly was pretty patient while we got the trailer unloaded even though he wanted to jump into the pool right away. He has just loved being able to swim as much as he wants to. We invested in some pool toys and have had so much fun. We stopped at the beach between rainstorms the other day. Papa and Reilly spent some time at the Sanibel Rec Center yesterday playing air hockey, foosball, and some other fun games. (There was an "old ladies pool exercise class" according to Reilly, so they didn't swim there then.) LOL! Mike is pressure-washing the pool deck right now. He is going a great job. Reilly and I put together a four foot floor puzzle today which was a gift from Bonnie (our realtors' daughter who is a senior in high school this year). You'll see the pictures of the finished puzzle in the slideshow! Thanks, Bonnie! Right now our plan is to swim if it is still raining (but not lightning, of course!) and then fish when the rain stops. And we will need to get something to cook for supper, too. Maybe we will go to Jerry's for some groceries and show Reilly all the tropical birds there!


Loading the Trailer

Today is not only TRAILER day, but loading day #1. Don't ask how we got the futon and chair up from the lower level and into the trailer! Suffice it to say, Mike forgot to hire some movers! I hope we can both get out of bed tomorrow! We don't have any more large items to put into the trailer which is a big relief. By the way, an 8' x 5' trailer isn't as big as one would think.
We have our trip mapped out and our reservations for 3 nights on the way down. We'll be stopping in St. Louis, Chattanooga, and Tampa. Even though Tampa is only 2.5 hours from our destination, we are driving 3 long days and decided to arrive in Fort Myers mid-day on day #4. We'll need to stop at Publix for groceries on our way to the house.


Our Slice of Paradise

We are so busy getting our new place organized. We have made two trips down there so far, but we are embarking on a driving trip this Saturday pulling a U-Haul trailer and bringing a grandson and our dog. This just screams photo journalism, doesn't it?
I know I started this blog to share my love of card-making, but there just hasn't been much time at all for the past couple of months for much card designing at all. I am hoping to get back to that sometime soon, though! My fingers are getting "itchy"!