Suzie Card-Maker

Suzie Card-Maker


I LOVE to create greeting cards. This is a place
for me to share some of my favorite cards with family,
fellow card-makers,and friends.
Update: Since I began this card-making blog in 2009, we have moved to a warm, sunny place, retired, and gotten very busy. Even though my love of making cards has not lessened, my time "for" card-making has diminished. I had actually considered taking down my blog because of my lack of time to make and post cards. Instead I will try to post more regularly with a variety of things. Please bear with me while I attempt to expand my topics.


Our Slice of Paradise

We are so busy getting our new place organized. We have made two trips down there so far, but we are embarking on a driving trip this Saturday pulling a U-Haul trailer and bringing a grandson and our dog. This just screams photo journalism, doesn't it?
I know I started this blog to share my love of card-making, but there just hasn't been much time at all for the past couple of months for much card designing at all. I am hoping to get back to that sometime soon, though! My fingers are getting "itchy"!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing pics of your dream home. I just love it....and am so happy for you two. That pool is just so cool....I can't imagine having that out my back door. It's such an inviting home inside and out. Gotta love the canal too - just waiting for your boat! :) Wishing you many happy years there relaxing and playing and just hanging out!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures - sounds like you're keeping very busy! Have another wonderful trip down to Florida and enjoy your fabulous home.