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Suzie Card-Maker


I LOVE to create greeting cards. This is a place
for me to share some of my favorite cards with family,
fellow card-makers,and friends.
Update: Since I began this card-making blog in 2009, we have moved to a warm, sunny place, retired, and gotten very busy. Even though my love of making cards has not lessened, my time "for" card-making has diminished. I had actually considered taking down my blog because of my lack of time to make and post cards. Instead I will try to post more regularly with a variety of things. Please bear with me while I attempt to expand my topics.


Snowmen in October?

This might be one for our records, at least. This morning my husband and I picked up our daughter and grandson's new puppy from the kennel where she stayed over the weekend while we all made a quick trip to Kansas City for our nephew/godson's wedding reception. When we woke up this morning, there was ALOT of snow! Mike made the snowman while I walked the puppy whose name is Ginny! We think this was her first experience with snow. It is so fun to watch a puppy experience snow! By noon, my husband's valiant effort at making a great mid-October snowman began to slide off its foundation! Sure glad that we both had our cameras!

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  1. Snow already? I grew up in Buffalo, NY & now live in Phoenix, AZ for a reason (SUNSHINE) However, I grew up lovin to make snowmen with my sisters, great memories :) Thanks for visiting my SCS gallery & taking time to comment :)